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Looking for our take on Miami shoes and fashion? Don't fret, let us help you choose which shoes to wear in Miami so you can become a true 305 fashionista. Whether it's sandals, espadrilles, flats, heels, and more, finding the right shoe can add some spice to your outfit as you stroll around the Gables. We’ve made a list of some our favorite Miami shoes and we'll show you how they can complement your outfit.



First off, espadrilles. You'll want to wear these casual , rope-soled, and quintessentially Spanish shoes as you dance the night away at Space or stroll along Key Biscane. They’re relaxed, fashionable, and super trendy.  Plus, they're a huge boost to your summer wardrobe since they're lightweight and breathable. Match them with shorts, skirts, dresses, or jeans to create your Miami style. Our espadrille collection offers wedges, laces, and even slip-ons to suit your espadrille needs!  Check them out here!



Did you know that Menina Step began as a flat-only shoe brand? That's right, we brought the famous Spanish flats to Miami. They're practical, elegant, and consistently in style. Wear these versatile shoes on the daily, whether at the office or at your favorite coffee shop (our is Bebito's Cafecito). Since you can trust these to last, we think they deserve a bit of a splurge. Our flats come in many colors and styles, you can check them out here!



Sandals are your practical shoe. Laid-back day? Wear these by the pool while sipping your favorite margarita. Just slip these on and voila, stylish and easy, who would have thought? Our sandals come in a variety of colors and styles. Check our or Bea Royal Blue for a comfy "memory foam" sole. Mix and match these with short, mid-length, or long skirts or dresses for a cool look.



Stylish, elegant, chic? You got it, heels have been scientifically proven to boost female attractiveness. Whether you wear them for a night out, a day at work, or just to look sleek, heels make you feel in power and on top of your game. For the Miami fashionista, we recommend the Ines Block Heel which has a strap and cushion for extra support. We hope you're on your way to becoming a Miami shoes and fashion wiz!

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