Ethically Made Shoes in Miami

Looking for ethically made shoes in Miami? Search no further than Menina Step. Our shoes are handmade by custom manufacturers in Spain. Unlike other name brands, our shoemakers are paid fair wages while working regular hours. We support local businesses in Spain that make sustainable products with biodegradable materials. By dedicating ourselves to sustainable products and workers' rights, we help the Spanish community and minimize our environmental impact. Take a look below at how our shoes are made, right from the manufacturers!


Why ethically made in Spain?

We understand that shoes can be made for a fraction of the cost in developing countries. However, the conditions that these workers endure are against Menina Step's core mission. At Menina Step, we believe that quality of life always triumphs over profit. We import shoes directly from Spain, thereby helping the small businesses that make our shoes. Unlike in other developing nations, Spanish labor laws regulate promote better working conditions, set the minimum wage, prevent wrongful termination, and more. What better place to look for ethically made shoes in Miami?

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Our suppliers

Our suppliers are family-owned Spanish shoemakers that have been making shoes for generations. They are experts in their field and are proud of their heritage. When it comes to footwear, the Made in Spani label comes with a high reputation. Years of handcrafted tradition and quality materials make Spanish shoes sought out from all over the world. It is the product of years of artisan tradition, always taking care of the smallest details in the manufacturing process and while designing the most attractive shoes in the market. So many years of artisan tradition have turned the manufacturers of products bearing the Made in Spain label into expert hands.

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How our shoes are made.

Take a little peek into our shoe-making process straight from the factory!



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