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With the current projection of online sales increasing, and huge companies such as Amazon taking over the market, it's a great time to help smaller mom-and-pop businesses in your community. We'd like to show you some of our favorite online shoe stores and why we think buying shoes online is a quick and convenient way to wear your favorite pair. Supporting local Miami shoe businesses can help family-grown businesses, like Menina Step, thrive in this new market. Also, these stores are all exclusively Miami based so you can help and support your community.  Let's begin!



Hot Miami Shoes

First off, we have Hot Miami Shoes, arguably the most established online shoe store in Miami. These guys have everything from sneakers, sandals, and wedges, you name it! Although their shoes have varying degrees of quality, their variety is their selling point. Their website is quick and convenient, with hundreds of styles to offer. Top it off with affordable prices and this shoe store will definitely have something for you. Personally, we like their FLOW19 - BLACK sneakers. They're comfortable, soft, and elegant sneakers. What's more, Hot Miami Shoes offers a 30-day return policy with a large selection of a variety of new items added daily.



Shoes To You

Second, we have Shoes2YouMiami, which focuses on higher-end footwear like their Adley Heel and Amapoli Boot. These shoes provide a designer feel and a reasonable price. Their website also has a clean and easy-to-use look and feel offering accessories, heels, wedges, loafers, and anything shoe-related! They're an established business as well with 27 hours of experience, meaning you can trust Shoes2YouMiami to take care of your shoe desires. An in-store pick-up option is included for us locals.




Chiffino Shoes

Third, we have comes Chiffino Shoes, a little store down south by the executive airport. These shoes have plenty of variety in stock and are reviewed favorably on yelp. One customer writes: "The quality is awesome (none of those cheap plastic clips on the backs), the prices are great too."  Their online website has frequent sales as well, so check it for the newest deals! Lastly, they have plenty of scarves and accessories for women and girls.


menina logo


Menina Step

Last but not least, we have Menina Step! Our shoes are hand-made in Spain by reputable designer manufacturers. We ensure quality, ethically made products that bring the Spanish look and feel to Miami. Check out our classic espadrilles here! What originally began in a garage by three Spanish sisters has grown into a trusted and loved Miami business. Our customers can be assured the best service (the owner herself sells her shoes) and the highest quality product. Order online today!

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