Our Little Store – South Miami’s Family-Owned Shoe Store

Right off the side of US1, in the heart of South Miami, lies Menina Step. Our small shoe store was established by three Spanish sisters with a plan to bring Spanish-made shoes to Miami. Menina Step is setting the fashion scene through its fresh and custom-made designs. We bring the signature Spanish look with a Miami flair.



Our vision is to incorporate Spanish-style shoes into the Miami fashion scene. We do this through our unique blend of espadrilles like our tan leather platform sandal. It’s a mix of elegance with the Miami flare you’re looking for! We believe local shoe stores are a fun and easy way to select your favorite models while helping out the local community. Chances are that our owner is waiting to greet you right at the door! Take as much time as you want as you select your favorite styles and slip them on. Whether it's flats, heels, sneakers, or slippers, we've got you covered so you can try on your favorite pair.



Menina Step has everything you’re looking for, a local designer brand at your convenience. Plus, our shoes are all handmade by quality and reliable manufacturers. This ensures sustainability and ethical practices in our business. This quality means that you can count on our shoes to provide comfort and durability. Check us out today!

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