The Perfect Shoes for Next Level Fashion

The Perfect Shoes for Next Level Fashion

When piecing together an outfit, picking out the perfect shoes can play a role in making or breaking your outfit. Whether you opt for a bright red statement pair or a timeless black pair of flats, someone will notice your shoes that day, so what kind of impression do you want to be making? Many people believe in order for you to have a top-of-the-line shoe game, you have to break the bank, which is far from the truth. So with all of these factors to consider while shoe shopping, what are some key things to be looking for? 

Shoes Aren’t Simply An Accessory 

When you hear the word accessory what do you think of? Some might think of a purse, hairpins, or bows, but do perfect shoes ever cross your mind? An accessory is an item that adds to the outfit in some way but isn't the outfit. Shoes can be the outfit or be a huge part of it, much more than a simple accessory. Whether it's a statement piece or they flow with the outfit, they can make an impression on the people you are seeing.

No Second Chance At A First Impression 

A first impression is important for many different reasons, and wearing the perfect pair of shoes can help. For example, if you show up for a job interview in shoes that are ratty or deteriorating, odds are they will see you as less put together than someone who comes to the interview with a crisp outfit. Not only is a first impression important, but so is continued presentation. Presenting yourself in a way that is appropriate for the situation is important, and the perfect soles can do that for you. Not only do shoes allow for professional delivery, but they also allow for personal expression. 

Luxury vs Affordable

Although it is easy to want to look to part, it's not so simple to act on it and buy a pair of shoes when you are thinking they will cost you a lot. Some people wrestle with the concept of quality or price, which is more important? Is it worth it to spend a fortune on a pair of shoes to get a higher-end looking shoe with possibly better quality, or should you go for the best deal and sacrifice how they look? 

  • Luxury- These shoes are luxurious in that they are extremely pricey, they tend to be from big name brands so you are paying for the logo. While you pay a hefty amount, that doesn’t always mean high quality but many times it does. With expensive leathers, rare materials, and handcrafted shoes,  you are paying for what you get. 
  • Affordable- This option for shoes is much more realistic for some. An affordable option offers the option to be able to buy possibly ten shoes with the money that would have been spent on one pricey pair. The only drawback is that some people tend to think, the cheaper the shoes, the more you are sacrificing the quality, which isn’t always true. 

Which Is Best For You?

So, how do you determine if you should save up and buy one costly pair of shoes, or stick to mid-range to low-end prices that will still offer you a good quality shoe? Many times it depends on who's buying the shoes and their preference, but with so many different options these days, shoes that are less expensive can still look high-end, and be made extremely well. So, why spend your money on an expensive pair when you can get more than one at a better price?

Not All Shoes Are Made Equally 

While it is good to always be looking for ways to save money, it is also important to know about the shoes and their quality. Depending on what you’re looking for, whether it’s a running shoe, a pump, or a flat, something must go into making each one unique as well as designed appropriately. So what is important to consider when designing a shoe? 

  • Comfort- Although the saying “beauty is pain” is practically playing over and over again when someone wears heels, that shouldn't always be the case. Of course, they won't be the most comfortable shoe, especially if you're not used to them, but it should never be unbearable. A running shoe must be comfortable enough for you to be able to run and do exercise in them without you constantly thinking about the pain your foot is in. 
  • Weight- The weight of a shoe is important when it is an athletic shoe or one that you will be wearing all day. If the shoe is weighing you down, it will be hard to make any fast movements in a sport, or if you are wearing them all day your feet and ankles will begin to feel tired from dragging them around all day. 
  • Conforming To Your Foot- The fit of the shoe is an important factor as you don’t want to force your foot to suffer all day in a shoe that is too slim, or slide around in one that is too wide. Companies are designing shoes with the option of a wide fit, as not everyone has a slim foot that would fit in their normal sizing. A correct fit will not only ensure that you are comfortable but also possibly prevent injuries. 
  • Breathability- Breathability is important in any shoe and can help regulate sweat, prevent blisters, and overall make wearing them a more comfortable experience. The fabric of the shoe along with its design helps determine how breathable It is. 

Considering The Basics

The qualities we mentioned above that are important for designing a quality shoe, are essential to consider when in the market for some new kicks. By looking for these qualities, you are setting yourself up to have a pair that will become your new favorites. But, these aren’t the only things to consider. How the shoes are made greatly affects how all of these other factors turn out, so what are the different ways shoes can be made? 

The Process Towards Quality

Each company approaches making their shoes differently, depending on what they are wanting to give and provide to their customers.

  • Factory Production: Some companies opt for mass production in factories as it is a quick process that leads to abundant quantity. While this cuts time and allows them to roll out large numbers, it is a controversial way to go about things. This is because it has proven to cause excessive pollution and harm the surrounding environment. 
  • Handmade: While this is a much more tedious process, it ensures attention to detail. Handmade shoes are each unique in their own way. They allow the shoemaker to verify that the shoe is of top quality with no imperfections before it is sent off. 

Although these are just a few ways shoes are made these are very common and can give you a better idea of what you can be looking for. 

Breaking Down Your Style 

So, now that you have a better idea of what goes into making shoes and how now you can begin to decide what suits your style and personality. Once you are able to match your shoes with your personality and your clothes, you will feel more confident and excited about what you’re wearing. So, where do you start?

Syncing Your Shoes With Your Style

The way that you dress is a way to express yourself, so matching your shoes is allowing you to continue that. Do you find yourself to be more of an artistic person, dressing with a casual but still creative outfit? Do you find that you are more of a trendsetter, who likes to dress in a fashion-forward sense? Are you into wearing athletic clothes or even athleisure wear? Or do you like to dress up even if there doesn’t seem to be an occasion? All of these are different styles that allow you to express yourself and they each have a matching shoe that can go with them.

  • Artistic dresser- A pair of classic flats or a twist on flats is the perfect way to tie your outfit together and keep your artistic vibe. 
  • Trendsetter- Anything fashion-forward that is going to be a statement piece. This could be a pair of boots that won’t go unnoticed and make someone stop to take notes.
  • Athleisure wearer- Finding some shoes that will compliment your clothes is key. This means some trendy sneakers to possibly be the center of your outfit. 
  • The ones that dress up without an occasion- You have the opportunity to make your shoes a show-stopping piece. This means adding a bright pair of pumps, or even a unique wedge. 

Of course, these aren’t all of the possible styles or ways to dress, but these are a few ideas. 

A Trusted Industry 

Within the shoe industry, there are a variety of countries competing for the top spot of the best footwear producer. Although some countries produce more shoes, that doesn’t necessarily mean they produce better shoes. China is a leader in the production of footwear as they contain factories that mass-produce shoes. Many big shoe companies are based out of here with their products coming from here. Other countries that follow are Vietnam, India, and Indonesia. While these places mass-produce in quick factories, European shoes are well known for their quality and high-end reputation. Both of which make them desirable. Italy is well known for the shoes that they produce and is 50% of Europe’s production of shoes. Portugal is another European country that has been producing shoes for centuries, perfecting their craft. Lastly, Spain is a staple in the shoe industry. Known for their leather and the use of it, these shoes are simply timeless. 

An Expensive Taste 

With European shoes typically having good quality, precision in their making, and fine materials these shoes don’t always come without a price tag. Many times to ensure you are getting all of these, prices can range from $100-$700+. Although some are able to afford this, many are looking for a more affordable option. With wanting European shoes but still not wanting to break the bank, it can be easy to get scammed. So, how can you avoid this? 

Avoiding A Scam

  • Researching the website: If you are purchasing the shoes online, do research on the website. Look for reviews and any information you can find that is also not on the website. 
  • Check out the leather: If you are wanting real leather, ensure that the website guarantees real European leather. Also, make sure they have a return policy so they are deceiving. 
  • Look for contact info: If the website gives zero contact information, and no store address, avoid them at all costs. This is because if they scam you, you will have no way to get in contact with them. 
  • Check for social media: Looking for social media allows for you to see their products, their following, and their comments. If their comments are off, something could be wrong there. But if they have a lot of comments and answer people's questions, they might have good customer service. 

Keeping all of this in mind, it’s important to consider these things while looking for a shoe company. 

An Experienced Company 

So, you might be thinking where can I find European shoes for a good price that will be well made? Look no further than Menina Step. They are a shoe company that sells handmade European shoes at an affordable price. This company allows everyone to experience the luxury of European shoes at a price that many people can afford. Menina Step makes handmade shoes that allow for each pair to be unique, and precise for the customer. So, check out Menina Step for timeless and perfect shoes that won’t break the bank.

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