Three Must-Have Looks For Spring 2021

Spring is upon us! It’s time for the flowers, the pastels, and most importantly, time to step into that warmer weather. Every Spring, we have to evaluate our closet and figure out what looks are going to blossom for this season. Maybe it’s that new halter or that sundress that you love, or maybe it’s those cute sandals from Menina Step . After such a tough winter, you’ll want your looks to pop.
Spring 2021 will be one for books. We have been stuck inside and sheltered from the poor weather. Now that it’s heating up again, and the sun is staying out longer, our opportunity to step out and show up has come. Let’s take a look at some suggestions for your 2021 Spring closet!

Let’s Take A Look

Dress The Best

It’s the Spring and with events like Easter on the horizon, you are going to need a good dress. The season is filled with days spent outdoors and with friends. Spring is a great time for dates and romance in general. If you want to feel your best this spring you’ll need a dress that you feel confident in. Here is a list of some dress styles you should check out this Spring.

1. The first piece we are going to look at is a Spring classic. It’s the tried and true A-Line dress . This dress is in style every year around this time, it’s a comfortable dress that looks great and can work in any color. The A-Line is a staple of a classic spring closet. Whether it’s pastel, floral, or something in between, the A-Line never fails to deliver in the Spring.

2. The next dress to check out is a strapless. Now usually the strapless is more of a summer vibe, however, this Spring will be one for the books. The first time you get to rock the strapless after a long winter is a freeing feeling. Why wait for summer, if you can find the right day to bring it out then you should totally skip the line.

3. A dress that sometimes doesn't get the credit is the apron style. Like the other dresses this is another fitting Spring feel. The apron can come in so many different styles that you could find a dress for any day, however, you don't need a thousand dresses, you just need one that's right for your spring closet.

Stand With The Sandal

When it comes to the spring there are two things that are inevitable. Pollen, and finally breaking out your favorite pair of sandals. The feeling of wearing your sandals out for the first time instantly brings back all the good feelings from last summer.

When it comes to finding the right sandal for you, we can point you in the right direction. At Menina Step you will find a great selection of sandals, and many more handmade shoes. Here are some of the sandals you can find on Menina Step.

  • The Tall Marta. This sandal comes in three different styles of matte color that are guaranteed to match any look. This is a platform sandal and the power you feel wearing these isn't just the height boost. This is the perfect statement sandal for Spring this year.
  • The Isabel. This shoe comes in two different styles This is a classic sandal, it has the adjustable ankle strap, it has the toe strap, it’s the textbook sandal. The Isabel from Menina Step is a gorgeous shoe that will put confidence into anyone’s step.
  • The Bea. Talk about the universal sandal, this shoe can go anywhere. These sandals are gorgeous enough to be worn anywhere, but comfy enough to wear anytime. The revered single strap slip-on sandal, a must have in a 2021 spring closet.

Experience the Espadrille

On Menina Step ’s website they have an incredible selection of Espadrilles. If you have never heard of this style before, Espadrilles are a type of canvas shoe with a plaited fiber bottom. These shoes are the perfect Spring vibe. The fiber bottoms give you a spring/summer feel every time you put them on. There are three main types of Espadrille on Menina Step’s website.

  • The wedge. Some of these Espadrilles are in a wedge style. From the sexy toeless Granada to the comfy height of the Montse. The range in this category alone is surely enough to let you find something you love.
  • The flat. Oh yeah, that's right, the flats have found their way back into our lives yet again. They definitely deserve to be here, flats are the reliable option. Flats have never led us astray, and with the fiber bottoms, wherever they lead you will be a comfy walk.
  • The Canvas Slip-on. This Tom’s like shoe is a great option for Spring. The canvas is light and cozy, the fiber supports you well, it's a shoe meant for pleasing you.

Wrap Up

Today we went over some of the looks you’ll need to succeed this Spring. Just like the changing of the seasons you’ll have everybody waiting just to see you. We mentioned that this Spring was going to be a big one. Coming off the end of a long and repetitious winter the best thing for you is to go spread your wings this Spring.

Let's recap what we went over. We talked about how to Dress The Best. The importance of having a handful of dresses for the spring cannot be understated. We mentioned you must Stand With The Sandal . Sandals are a big part of any Spring wardrobe, they are the link between you and all the fun you had last summer. Slipping on that pair of sandals can bring you a wave of happiness and confidence. Lastly, The Espadrille. These shoes are a major vibe this Spring, and will only get better going into the summer.

If you are in the market for quality handmade shoes, check out Menina Step . They have a large selection of amazing products at very affordable prices. With dozens of options for every type of shoe, You’ll definitely find what you are looking for.

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