Stepping into 2021

With every new year, we should reflect. Take our experiences and what we’ve learned and use them as our guide through the year ahead of us. Just about anyone could tell you that 2020 wasn't the year anyone was hoping for. However, last year was the thorough practice that lets you ace the test of 2021.

In 2020 the shoe industry had a lot to teach us about what we wear. The year of the pandemic was a struggle. One thing that shouldn’t be a struggle in 2021 is figuring out what shoes you should bring with you.

Making The Cut

When it comes to deciding on what makes it into your 2021 closet there are a few lessons we can take from 2020. These lessons are not things to take lightly, they are one of the best ways to keep moving forward. Here is a list of some style ideas to bring into this year.

Lessons To Bring With You

● Bring the Boots - You always want to make sure you have a few boots that you love. From a rain boot to a pair of Doc Martens, there are so many

choices for your 2021 look. Take a look at some of the boots to look out for this year.

Let's start with the Knee High boot. This shoe is and always will be a powerful look. Whether they are black, red, brown, leather, or fabric the Knee High should always have a seat at the table. These boots are a great part of any collection and can be paired to create a myriad of looks.

Another classic shoe to bring into 2021 is the Chelsea boot. This shoe is comfortable, stylish, and reliable. The Chelsea style boot took Britain by storm in the ’60s and established itself as a cornerstone for boot fashion. This trend spread around the globe and they made a name by showing up in closets everywhere. They might also find a way into your 2021 closet if you let them.

2020 has taught us to be prepared and make the right choices. Being prepared can be as simple as making sure you have a pair of Rain Boots that you love! Having a shoe that allows you to stay dry and look great while doing it is a must-have in your 2021 closet.

● Don't Forget The Flats - Is any closet complete without a pair of flats that make you feel great? When it comes to the transition into the new year you

have to ask yourself, “Could I live without a go-to pair of flats?”. If you are like us, the answer should be an overwhelming no.

A good pair or two of flats can add so much flexibility to your 2021 closet. Flats can be worn on almost any occasion. From a walk in the park to a business meeting, flats can make their way into any occasion.

When it comes to figuring out what styles should come with you into 2021, you need to figure out what works for you. A major issue we come across is what style works best for your current closet situation. The best way to figure this out is to see your options.

This is where having a large selection available for viewing becomes crucial for your 2021 closet prospects. A site like Menina Step is very
important in your searching process. They offer a wide array of quality shoes from sneakers to slippers all at affordable prices. With over 20 different styles of flats. Menina Step can help you find something you love.

● Save The Sneakers - Sneakers are a major part of the modern closet and a must-have in your 2021 edition. In a time where it feels like the only thing we can do is go for walks, the sneaker reigns supreme.

With the explosion of popularity that sneakers had in 2020 it is no surprise that you should plan to have sneakers in your closet for 2021. They are a great combination of comfort and style. Whether you are looking for a new pair of Air Max’ or something less active, sneakers are a necessity for life in 2021.

If you are looking for a more active shoe you might want to think of brands like Fila or Adidas. The new Fila Ray Tracer is a shoe that combines design and efficiency. It’s a more active shoe and it comes highly recommended.

A classic canvas sneaker like a Van or Converse is always a good addition to your closet. The canvas sneaker is an all-star when it comes to rocking a casual outfit. The look of a clean pair of canvas sneakers can anchor an outfit and polish your look.

If you are looking for something with a little more quality you can check out the handmade European sneaker selection at Menina Step. They have a
selection of sneakers ranging from Ergonomic walking shoes to canvas Toe Caps.

Wrap Up

The new year can be a time to reflect and make decisions about the future, why not let your shoes become part of that reflection. Life is all about the journey, and a journey always starts with the same thing. It’s the first step. So why not make sure you are confident in your feet when you make that first step.

We talked about a few lessons to bring with us into 2021. These were to help guide us into the new year and bring with us our experiences of 2020. Here is a list of some of the things we mentioned.

● We mentioned how you should always BTB, bring the boots. It's crucial to have the right boots for any occasion. Comfort, style, and reliability.
● “Don't forget the Flats!”, we screamed from the rooftop! They are a key component for any 2021 closet. They are the shoes that will always be around when you are in doubt.
● The sneakers are a MUST for any closet. Your sneakers are your bread and butter for around the town life. They are the shoes that spend the most time out and around, you need to find some you love.

If you are interested in finding the right shoes for you visit Menina Step for a wide selection of premium handmade European shoes. With a wide variety, Menina Step can help you find something you are guaranteed to love.

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