Miami Menorquinas – Our Signature Collection

Looking for menorquinas in Miami? You’ve come to the right place! At Menina Step, we offer a wide selection with buckles, wedges, and more! Menorquinas are traditionally made in Spain, from the island of Menorca. Made from a leather upper and rubber sole, these shoes are perfect for the Miami heat. They’re lightweight, breathable, and best of all easy to slip on. You can count on menoriqunas to suit everyday needs like a walk on the office or the beach! Check out our collection below.




Our NUBUCK NAVY MENORQUINA is a traditional, classy, and elegant shoe. This famous Mediterranean sandal offers a cushioned sole and backstrap. It’s comfy and lightweight, matching perfectly with beige harems or even your favorite set of blue jeans. All of our menorquinas have a layer of gel for your maximum comfort.




Our NAVY BLUE AND WHITE STRIPED MENORQUINA is a twist on the traditional look with its beachy feel. The blue and white stripes offer a more casual and relaxed feel. We see this shoe as perfect for a café by the beach or a picnic at the park. You can catch us wearing this shoe during those August relaxing days.




The MENORQUINA PALE ROSE GOLD is a more elegant and formal type of sandal. The gold on the shoe fits nicely for dinner at an upscale restaurant (we recommend Redfish by Chef Adrianne), combined with white pants or a blouse. It offers a more comfortable style of formal shoe without the hassle of uncomfy heels.




Lastly, we have our favorite: GOLD/CHARCOAL EMBELLISHED MENORQUINA. This is the all-in-one menorquina: stylish, breathable, and perfect for any occasion. Its intricate design (handmade, of course) gives this fashionable shoe its own identity. You can be sure to stand out with this embellished menorquina!

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