Finding Your Balance: The Right Shoe for You

Life is all about balance. Not only is it your connection to the ground that supports you, but it is also the feeling of stability in all aspects of your life. This connection goes through your whole body and it starts at your feet. Keeping yourself in the right footwear is the best thing you can do to find and keep your balance.

So how do you treat your feet? Well, it’s all about finding the right shoe for you! The right shoe can brighten your day and keep the stride in your walk. How do you find balance with the shoes that you are looking for you might ask? Well, here is a guide to help you find what your feet deserve.

The Process

You need to figure out what shoe is right for your life. Your shoes affect the way you operate throughout the day. It only makes sense to find out what works best for your situation. Whether you are walking through city blocks or working from home, your shoes should work with you not against you. They should help you find balance and comfort, not disrupt your routine.

Your shoe should always be as comfortable as it possibly can. Here is a list of five ways to make sure you feel good in your favorite shoes.

1. Measure

Measure your feet whenever you are buying new shoes. Your feet are always changing. They can become more narrow or wide over time, they can grow and shrink from month to month. It is so important to measure so that you can find that perfect fit every time.

It is very common for one foot to be larger than the other. To make sure you are as comfortable as possible, you can try to get one half size up or down to suit your needs.

2. Trust

Trust yourself. You know how you feel, and your size can change depending on the brand of shoe you are trying on. You might run a higher or lower size depending on how the shoe is made. Some brands run narrower than others and you should decide your size based on what you feel, not what you think your size should be.

When you are trying on a shoe you can often feel that certain parts don't fit you well. Rarely do these problems disappear, and they can often leave you feeling uncomfortable in your shoe for months. It's better to trust yourself from the beginning and make sure that you get what's best for you.

3. Shop

Shop smart and think about what you need from your shoe. A good tip for smart shopping is to try shoes on later in the day. This is because over the course of a day your feet expand and grow wider. You want your shoes to be able to support you all day.

 Another tip if you are planning on wearing socks with the shoes, is to always bring your socks with you to try on your shoes so that you can make sure you have the best fit possible.

Always try to make sure you have a quarter inch to a half inch of space from the top of your toes to the end of the shoe. This is so that you have space in your shoe for when you are on the move.

4. Pick

Pick what shoe fits your day. The type of shoe you should be wearing depends on how you need to be supported. You might have to rule out the sandals if you are going to be walking long distances. Maybe you opt for a more supportive sneaker or boot instead. This type of self-assessment and compromise will help ensure that you've found balance between your needs and desired style.

When it comes to shopping for a pair of luxury shoes most of these suggestions still apply. However, you can lean into the style more than the comfort if you aren't planning on wearing them for a whole day.

Make sure that where you are shopping has a wide selection. You don't want to buy something you aren't in love with just because the selection wasn't available. Look for shops like Menina Step that have large selections and will make sure you have plenty of options.

5. Quality

Quality check the product and the company before making a purchase. If you really love a shoe you want to make sure that it will last and not leave you heartbroken. Here is a short list of things to be wary about when checking a shoe for quality.

  • The Stitching- This can be a huge indicator to the potential durability of your shoes. Bad stitching can lead to shoes stretching their seams and eventually tearing.
  • The Sole- The bottom of your shoe is crucial because it is what takes the brunt of the force on every step you take. A weak sole can lead to holes or uneven wear on your shoe. This can cause problems with comfort and posture.
  • The Material- When buying a shoe, you want to be sure that what you are getting is a quality product. The material the shoe is composed of is arguably the most important part.

When deciding on a brand you want to look for a few particular things. First, you should see a positive track record with their customers. Next, you should look for their policy with quality assurance. Lastly, you want to make sure you are supporting a company that doesn't use any unethical means to make their products.

Wrap Up

Finding the right shoe for you doesn’t have to be difficult. Too often is the process of deciding on a new pair of shoes turned into a stressful occasion.  If you keep these things in mind, you won’t have to worry that you are making a mistake because you know that your choice fits what you need.

Your ability to keep moving is important for living with balance in your life. Your shoes are the buffer between you and the gravity that keeps you down to earth. When you give yourself the best shoe, you are rewarding yourself for months of confidence and comfort. If you want to learn more about the kinds of shoes that are out there for you visit Menina Step and find a selection of beautiful handmade shoes for affordable prices. There's sure to be something to help you find your balance!

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