3 Tips to Help Downsize Your Closet

3 Tips to Help Downsize Your Closet

Have you ever been looking through your closet and found a pair of shoes you haven’t seen in months? Sometimes when you have too many options, you lose out on some of your best looks. It is always good to be prepared, but sometimes there’s just too much stuff. That's why we're here to give you the best tips on how to downsize your closet!

Whether you are going off to school, moving to a new apartment, or just sick of having a closet that is falling all over itself. Sometimes downsizing is an important part of making room for the new you! Today we are here to give you a few tips to help you downsize your closet.  However, You have to remember that you aren’t losing your options, you are gaining opportunities.

Downsize Your Closet Survival Guide

Tip #1  Out With Old, In With The New

When looking at your closet you have to recognize what shoes have reached their expiration date. Sometimes when a pair has lived a long life in your closet, it is time to move onto greener pastures. It’s nothing personal, that’s just show business.

Whether it’s the black Doc Martens that haven’t been worn since high school or the all-white converse that are everything but white, there are some veterans in your closet that should retire. When deciding what makes the cut, think of these guidelines. Has the color faded out? Are they stained beyond the magic marker? Are the soles worn out? Is the stitching coming undone? If you meet these requirements then your pair might qualify for a retirement package.

If you are hanging on to a pair and you just don’t have the heart to let them go, just try to think about all the good times. Think about all the memories. You have gotten your value from those shoes, they have served their purpose, and then some. That pair would be honored to make room for the next pair in town.

Maybe there is a chance though? That they could still be cleaned. You can try to wash them and use a stain stick. But sometimes the old reliable needs a break.

Tip #2   Stay With The Times

Make sure your closet is up to date by asking some important questions. Does this pair work with the direction of my closet? Is this the look I’m going for? Do I still have these because they are convenient? Are these taking up space?

When finding your look for the times ahead you need to consider what works for you, from that moment forward. Your style is always changing, and what you want one summer might not be for you at all the next. In one of our previous blogs (Stepping Into 2021) we went over some lessons that we could take from 2020 into the next year.

The first thing we went over was the importance of keeping a couple good pairs of boots in your closet. “Bring the boots” was the call to action. A pair of knee-highs here and a pair of Chelseas there. The importance of the boot cannot be downplayed. Boots command respect from others, and they should from you as well.

We yelled, “Don't forget the flats!”. This was a shoutout to all the flats out there. They have been there for us when we needed a shoe. They were by our sides for the good times and the bad. You can’t disrespect the legacy of the flat by excluding them from your closet. You shouldn’t have a museum of flats, but an exhibit might be in order. A crew of flats is sure to find room in your new closet.

The last lesson was to save the sneakers. The sneaker is a must-have in any closet. Much like the flats, the sneakers have been through a lot with you. It’s hard to describe the way that sneakers fit into your life without describing somewhat of a necessity. When it comes to picking what sneakers make the cut for your new closet, just remember the sneaker style is always changing. If you want to stay in style with Handmade Spanish sneakers, visit Menina Step and find a pair you love.

Tip #3  Make Room

In a perfect world, we could all have never-ending closets that look more like a dry-cleaning center than a side room. Alas, we don’t all have our dream closets. That means that something has got to go. When deciding on how you are going to reorganize your closet there are a few things to consider. What takes up the most space? Can you stack them to save room? How can I fit a square peg in a round hole?

Maybe you are having some trouble letting go of your shoes. Let’s think smart, maybe instead of getting rid of shoes, we can make more shoes fit into your closet. We aren’t Tetris experts, but we might be able to stack some shoes.

We have two tips for the art of shoe stacking, the first is finding shoe storage. There are plenty of structures available for purchase online that range from hanging pockets and wall-mounted cabinets to more simple solutions like shoe racks. The second tip is to keep the boxes if you don’t have a storage structure ready. This is so you can easily stack and keep your shoe collection organized.


Making room in your closet shouldn’t have to be a chore. If you let it, it can be a new dawn, a new day for your closet. You must keep in mind that when you make room, you give yourself the chance to make some new additions. The closet may change but the shoes will always be yours. So what did we learn today when it comes to how to downsize your closet?

  • Out with the old, and in with the new. Make sure the new you isn’t being weighed down by your old shoes.
  • Stay with the times. The seasons’ change, the presidents’ change, time changes, and so should your closet.
  • Make room. Your closet shouldn’t hold you hostage. Be free to come and go.

If you need to find that new pair, maybe some sneakers, maybe some new flats. Whatever you need, you can find it on Menina Step. Come visit the website for a wide selection of handmade Spanish shoes.

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