10 High-End Spanish Clothing Brands To Know Of

Spanish clothing brands have been taking the world by storm. From big shots such as Zara to newer brands which include Uterque, we are going to take you on a journey through 10 hot Spanish clothing brands that should be on your radar right now!

1) Zara

The template for all Spanish high street brands, Zara is one of the largest international fashion brands, and it is owned by Inditex, one of the world’s biggest distribution groups. Zara sells women’s, men’s, and children’s clothes. Also, it is widely known for its spin-off homeware brand, Zara Home. Their fashion is a combination of all of the latest trends that can be pulled straight off the catwalk, as well as classic styles and cuts that are perfect for the office or relaxing on a Saturday afternoon.

2) Mango

Zara’s major rival in Spain, Mango is not holding back when it comes to fashionable womenswear and go-to staples. The big difference between Zara and Mango is that Mango usually is more laid back and not as daring as Zara. Mango is perfect for any girl that is on the hunt for simple summer dresses along with on-trend affordable shoes and statement earrings.

3) Loewe

On the opposite end of the spectrum, Spanish luxury fashion has never looked better than it does at Loewe. With London designer, Jonathan Anderson having full creative control, the Spanish fashion brand’s leathers and artistry are the main attraction when it comes to this new type of bohemian. Anderson has brought back some of the brand’s famous accessories such as the stylish Flamenco bag and designed fancy new styles, for instance, the cult puzzle bag.

4) Stradivarius

Stradivarius is a different Inditex brand that provides a fresh take on every season’s fashion trends and is intended for a little bit of a younger audience than Zara and Mango. Stradivarius has a lively take on fashion with brightly colored jeans, printed scarves, and classic belted trenches. So basically, this brand has some fantastic, classic pieces that are ideal for any wardrobe.

5) Hoss Intropia

Hoss Intropia is the best brand to shop for if you are searching for modern and affordable staples. This brand is an extremely quirky luxury Spanish fashion brand and you most likely will not find anything like it. Hoss Intropia provides stylish clothes with a classic touch that can be worn just about anywhere. The word ‘Intropia’ means striving for a dream, which touches on the brand’s wish to design clothing that fulfills the requirements of the present-day woman.

6) Bimba y Lola

Bimba y Lola is a well-known Spanish womenswear brand that was started by sisters Uxia and Maria Dominguez. This brand is all about flashy designs, fluorescent colors, and lively pieces. Even though Bimba y Lola has only been around since 2005, this brand is hugely successful, getting praise from numerous magazines such as Vogue.

7) Uno de 50

If you are on the hunt for some Spanish jewelry to add to your collection, then Uno de 50 is the perfect fit for you. Uno de 50 was founded in the late 90s by the hand of a creative team that was determined to create a style of jewelry that separated itself from everything that existed until then. What is cool about this jewelry brand is how original it truly is. Also, it is very inventive, eccentric, and striking.

8) Desigual

With its distinguished patchwork and asymmetrical designs, Desigual provides a cheerful and striking aesthetic that is full of life. It sells women’s, men’s, and children’s clothing, as well as accessories and women’s shoes. Also, Desigual has dipped its toes into high-end waters, joining forces with French designer Christian Lacroix in 2011.

9) Uterque

Uterque is the newest addition to the Inditex tribe and has become the main attraction for beautifully well-made shoes and bags. Also, Uterque has a ton of bold silhouettes, colors, and fabrics that are multipurpose, working for both day and night.

10) Pull&Bear

Just like Zara, Stradivarius, and Uterque, Pull&Bear is part of the Inditex tribe. Pull&Bear has a cool urban edge to it, something that we feel like is not common with a lot of these Spanish high street brands that we

have mentioned above. This brand sells women’s and men’s clothing, shoes, and accessories with a much more relaxed feel to them, making them stand out.

What To Buy From These Fresh And Hot Spanish Clothing Brands


This sweater is so simple, yet so cute! It truly is perfect for absolutely any occasion.


We have ever seen a shirt as unique and cool as this one. The amazing thing about this piece is that it can be worn in a casual, relaxed way but it can also be worn in an office setting.


This bag is so innovative, but also very classic at the same time. You will for sure be turning heads with this bag on your arm!


Our obsession with this coat is so real. It comes in a neutral camel color, but if you are looking for something more fun, it also comes in plaid.

Hoss Intropia:

This button-down shirt is so perfect for a bunch of different work settings. Not only is it a beautiful tan color, but it also has a tie that can cinch to your waist, making it extremely flattering.

Bimba y Lola:

This denim jacket is a unique staple that we think is much needed in anybody’s wardrobe. This two-tone piece is so eccentric and is something you probably will not find in your local Target.

Uno de 50:

This bracelet is perfect for anybody who wants something fancy yet understated. Also, you will not have to worry about it not going with anything because it is silver.


We love this shirt because of how fun and different it is. Also, we feel like a high neck looks good on basically anyone.


What caught our attention the most is how detailed this shirt is. We feel like if you decide to purchase this shirt, you will be getting your money’s worth out of it because it is unique and will go with a lot of different things.


This jacket is so great for the Fall and Winter seasons! It will keep you nice and warm, especially if you live in New England like me.

If you are looking to add more high-end Spanish clothing brands to your radar, we strongly recommend you check out Menina Step.

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